This file lists all non-trivial changes to Beautiful Jekyll.

I often make small changes to documentation, to the demo site, or to the general look-and-feel. These changes will not be listed here. Any other minor changes will also not be listed here.

2018-12-24 Add support for Staticman comments (#440) (thanks @VincentTam)

2018-10-19 Move Google Analytics to the head (#419) (thanks @jpvicari)

2018-06-08 Add support for Facebook comments (#350) (thanks @npes87184)

2018-02-22 Automatically generate sitemap (#323) (thanks @JosemyDuarte)

2018-01-18 Add clickable tags to each post and a tags index page, works for GitHub sites (#307) (thanks @OCram85)

2018-01-14 Redo Dockerfile (#302) (thanks @jennydaman)

2018-01-06 More color personalization options (#297 and #299) (thanks @jennydaman)

2018-01-05 Abstract the social networks logic (thanks @OCram85)

2018-01-03 Avatar image no longer causes a ghost click (thanks @alefi87)

2017-10-16 Add GitHub buttons to posts (#265) (thanks @yonicd)

2017-09-04 Ability to change colour/image of navbar/footer/body

2017-08-17 Add support for notification, error, and warning boxes in markdown (#227) (thanks @OCram85)

2017-08-12 Add social buttons for twitch, yelp, and steam (#234) (thanks @TheRealBenForce)

2017-03-30 Make the footer contact links friendly for screen readers (thanks @eugenius1)

2017-03-30 Started a CHANGELOG file (thanks @eugenius1)

2017-01-28 Add Subresource Integrity (SRI) support (#164) (thanks @tony-ho)

2017-01-09 Add Google Tag Manager Integration (#157) (thanks @csarigoz)

2017-01-06 Add options to configure HTML document title (#154) (thanks @tony-ho)

2016-12-25 Allow dynamic images on each blog post (#143) (thanks @bbritten)

2016-12-15 Support title-img config param to have image in the navbar instead of text

2016-12-08 Add support for phone numbers in footer; fix #136

2016-12-06 Update gemfile (#134) (thanks @stephentuso)

2016-10-09 Add Docker deployment (#114) (thanks @mangar)

2016-08-06 Add social share buttons for posts (thanks @rtlee9)

2016-07-29 Add CSS styling to code chunks

2016-07-27 Add clickable tags that lead to a tag page (doesn’t work for GitHub hosted sites) (thanks @epwalsh)

2016-07-21 Add support for twitter cards (sharing on Twitter will be better); fixes #70

2016-03-18 Support full-width images in page headers; fixes #37

2016-03-18 Support menus in navigation bar

2016-02-07 Avatar is now conditional (thanks @hristoyankov)

2016-02-02 Migrate (forced to…) to jekyll 3

2016-01-22 Make sure not to include JQuery twice, fixes #29

2015-11-19 Support external links in navigation bar; fixes #3

… Many small changes because the site was in its infancy

2015-03-12 Beautiful Jekyll version 0.0000001 is released!