My published papers can be seen in ORCID, Google Scholar, or ADS library

First author papers

  1. Jinning Liang, Fangzhou Jiang et al. 2023 ApJ: Constrain the Dark Matter Distribution of NGC5846-UDG1 Using its Globular Cluster Population
  2. Jinning Liang, E. Gjergo & X. Fan 2022 MNRAS: Assessing stellar yields in Galaxy chemical evolution: benchmark on observational stellar abundance patterns
  3. H. Liu (co-first author), Jinning Liang (co-first author) & J. Jia 2022 CQG: Deflection and Gravitational lensing of null and timelike signals in the Kiselev black hole spacetime in the weak field limit

Co-authored papers

  1. E. Gjergo, A.G. Sorokin, A. Ruth, E. Spitoni, F. Matteucci, X. Fan, Jinning Liang et al. 2023 ApJS: GalCEM I - A Publicly-Available Detailed Isotopic Chemical Evolution Code